Our Services
Ethical and technological services (ITC) and Green IT

TIC ETHIC teams provide ethical services to its clients to assist them in launching new activities related to Sustainable Development and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

TIC ETHIC realizes assistance to project management and assistance in implementing solutions for communication, collaboration tools, software and e-business tools. TIC ETHIC partners can be called to respond precisely to customer requirements. TIC ETHIC developed the brand UNOLIA for Web development activity .


- Implement the concept of Green IT in the IT sector

- Restore meaning and value to an organization to improve internal communication and external : value creation, environmental protection, solidarity (solution e-business, intelligent portal)

- Develop tools (software, websites ...) to make players of Sustainable Development more efficient

- Create collaborative tools to implement governance (Forum, Wiki, Intranet) and assist in communicating progress and commitments to ethical values (charter, institutional Web site)


TIC ETHIC offers a range of services including:

- A Sustainable Development diagnosis - the status of projects meeting the criteria of DD scenarios and recommendations from the assessment tools CRITETHIC.

- DEFINITION OF MEANS TO IMPLEMENT. Development of functional specifications incorporating the criteria of sustainable development: collaborative, participatory, freedom of choice, low energy consumption, community, ...

- Project management: consulting providers, facilitating working groups meetings, follow-up, bidding, research funding

- TIC ETHIC emphasizes the development of specific actions to reduce the impact of ICT on the environment. Feasibility studies to clarify the scenario: cost, rétroplanning, organizations, priorities, partners

- Modeling & INTEGRATION - Development of specific solutions

- TRAINING - Driving Change and Technical Training

Some references:

- The International Magazine geopolitics in Africa

- Les Ateliers du Bocage - shop online and management of the reconditioning of electronic equipment

- ONM, social and local hosting

- Chimie Circuit - The recycling of printed circuits


Principles and ethical


All the solutions we create for our clients belong to them, whatever the solution is: software solution, domain name, source code or the design site.


TIC ETHIC creates its sites on tools for content management (CMS) recognized and free that allow their customers to change the entire contents of the site, either the text or images. This guarantes their independence and cost reduction since they do not have to use a third party to update or modify the content of the site and they do not have to rent the solution.


At each stage of the project (production, indexing, training, operations), we accompany you in order for you to benefit from our know-how and advice.


We design our sites using Internet recognized and developed technologies in compliance with the standards. The sites are also designed scalable which will enable new features at lower cost.