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Training and implementation of educational tools

TIC ETHIC coordinates, participates and is involved in training programs to develop and enhance the consideration of issues of sustainable development.

Objectives :

- Develop innovative concepts to students in terms of economic , environmental and social priorities: Green IT, eco-design, renewable energy, recycling .
- Strengthen and support of project in the development of innovative activities focusing on the values of sustainable development
- Provide educational tools to help more people to reconcile environmental, social and economic .


- Intervention on academic training cessions
- Animation of role playing on the international negotiations regarding the management of waste
- Organization of visits to industrial sites for recycling
- Focus group work and supervision of specific projects (such as students, associations ...)
- Testimony of professionals
- Support for the creation of suitable materials (website, books, plaquettes, films ...)
- Participation of engineering pedagogical programm

Possible interventions :

- Introduction to Sustainable Development
- Waste Management
- Renewable Energy
- Green IT and Technologies for Environmental
- Business Strategy and Sustainable Development
- Business creation and development of activities in the ICT sector in developing countries
- Business development in the environmental field

(Training and sheets of courses available on request by email )

For more specific environmental regulations, sustainable procurement, building management, repositories and tools dd assessments, implementing management software resources can also be performed.