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Waste management consulting

TIC ETHIC supports companies in optimizing their waste management.

Expected results from different missions are: 10% reduction in internal costs 42% increase in revenue 10% reduction of Waste production

Objectives and Delivery:

TIC ETHIC proposes:

- To identify nonconformities regulations and propose corrective actions through the implementation of a diagnosis.

- To highlight financial anomalies by consolidating invoices and a summary review of the waste and costs associated.

- To optimize business organization through appropriate improvements.

- To assist the client in the choice of providers by organizing consultations and tenders with summary of responses, and monitoring the performance.

- To establish collective solutions to waste management.


- Pre-diagnosis: current situation, presentation of the regulatory and local context, define simple interventions to implement and / or further studies

- Diagnosis: Complete inventory of waste management and prioritization of areas for improvement including a comprehensive analysis (balance of tonnage products and management, identification of anomalies and potential gains)

- Support Project Management: Accompanying the consultation of providers, implementation of action plan

- Monitoring of the implementation: animation working groups, monitoring of providers, evaluation and reporting of performance level