The Entrepreneur's Guide to Computer Recycling: Basics for starting up a computer recycling business in emerging markets
The Entrepreneur's Guide to Computer Recycling
Authors : Benoit VARIN and Pierre-Etienne ROINAT

The purpose of this guidebook is to help develop the skills required to handle the growing flux of waste generated by the new and used computer markets for the benefit of the environment and public health. Problems generated by this computer waste are affecting the world in general and developing countries in particular. It represents the negative side of the reduction in the digital divide in a world where one billion PCs were expected to be in use this year and one billion mobile phones were expected to be sold.

It also aims to support the emergence of new business opportunities. It should prove useful for NGOs and local development stakeholders in fostering small and micro entrepreneurships.

The guidebook is available free of charge online. In addition, its open license will allow interested parties to create versions adapted to local condition and particular contexts.